Johns Hopkins Machine Learning 601.475 Spring 2019

Schedule: Tue/Thur/Fri 3-4:15 PM
Location: Hodson 110
Instructor: Raman Arora
Office hours: Tues 4:15-5 PM (Hodson 110).

TA Office hours:
Nils Holzenberger Monday 2-3:30 PM, Malone 222
Enayat M. Ullah Wednesday 10:30 AM-12:00 PM, Malone 222

Contact email:


Machine learning is subfield of computer science and artificial intelligence, whose goal is to develop computational systems, methods, and algorithms that can learn from data to improve their performance. This course introduces the foundational concepts of modern Machine Learning, including core principles, popular algorithms and modeling platforms. This will include both supervised learning, which includes popular algorithms like SVMs, logistic regression, boosting and deep learning, as well as unsupervised learning frameworks, which include Expectation Maximization and graphical models. Homework assignments include a heavy programming components, requiring students to implement several machine learning algorithms in a common learning framework. Additionally, analytical homework questions will explore various machine learning concepts, building on the pre-requisites that include probability, linear algebra, multi-variate calculus and basic optimization. Students in the course will develop a learning system for a final project.

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